lundi 4 février 2008

Le CD, un macchabée, selon le management des Doors

Tempus fugit. Les temps changent.

Vous ne le savez peut-être pas, mais les disques des Doors dans leur mixage original des années '60 ne sont maintenant plus disponibles en CD. Ce sont les versions remixées du box-set Perception qui sont maintenant vivants au catalogue. Assistons-nous à une nouvelle mode sonore, ou à une stratégie de marketing? Après tout, Genesis a annoncé de même qu'une fois les sorties des SACD complétés, les mixages originaux seront discontinués, aiu profit des horribles remixages stéréo de Nick Davies.

Eh bien, je ne sais pas si c'est rassurant, mais un poster du forum de Steve Hoffman a reçu une longue réponse du management des Doors, qui l'assure que les mixages originaux restent bien vivants, mais seulement sous forme de téléchargement. Pourquoi? Lisez bien ce qui suit, c'est sa réponse.

"Here's the deal: We are NOT rewriting history, or replacing the catalog. I mean, we DID release the 40th Anniversary Mixes on CD, and these are now the only current CDs. I said several times.....the "classic" mixes will ALWAYS be available, just not on physical CDs, but rather as digital downloads.

The reason?

Again, we want to be leaders, not followers, and folks, the future of music is digital, NOT shiny, round, silver discs. Those things will soon be relics. At least, that's the way it's trending, more and more each year.

When will they finally peter out? Who knows? Five years? Ten? TWO?

So - here's what we thought/think:

Most people who enjoy CDs tend to be - as a very general RULE here, folks, but not always the case - an older demographic. Like, ummmm, ME.

Most people who enjoy and/or prefer downloads tend to be a younger demographic.

The older demographic already OWNS the "classic" mixes on CD.
The younger demographic is turning away from CDs in droves.

Let me let you in on something - and TRUST me, I am just being a messenger and an observer here. I don't necessarily agree, like, dislike, or do cartwheels over any o' this - but it is my job to recognize it, acknowledge it, and respond to it: Kids today don't CARE about CDs. CDs are, at BEST, kinda like the "wrapper" that their new toy (the record) comes in. They rip it, put it on their iPod, and the CD gets put away somewhere. JUST like software we download to our PCs or Macs that comes on a DVD. We rip it into the computer, and the disc goes in a drawer, ne'er to resurface again (unless our computer gets wiped). It's weird, actually - I mean, I LOVE CDs, I LOVE vinyl, I LOVE having my collection of thousands of records displayed in my living room, and I like to hold them, look at them, search through them like a library, handle them, and play them.

But the new generation(s) do not. There's a huge extra space in all o' THEIR living rooms where WE would normally put a CD cabinet. They just don't exist for these kids anymore! I mean, they have THEIR library, it consists of thousands of SONGS (the "album" is a dying concept to them, sadly), and it all fits into their pocket, on their 60-gig iPod (or their new 8-gig iPhone).

So - what to do?

Simple, really - the 40th Anniversary mixes will be available on CD for those who PREFER CDs (and most likely already own the "classic" mixes on CD).

The "classic" mixes will be available - ALWAYS - but as digital downloads, not physical CDs.

We're trying to move into the future, and offer the best products at the best prices (didja notice all the new studio albums with the new mixes were carrying a MSRP of only $11.98??)

We're also trying to give you the products you want, at the best price, and IN THE BEST FORMAT for the future.

This is a FORMAT question, not a "classic" vs. "40th anniversary" question at all! They will BOTH be available, just in different formats - and the classic mixes will be in a future format (digital). We are, again, assuming that a preponderance of folks who own CDs already OWN the classic mixes on CD. I mean, believe me, if I thought that most people who want the classic mixes will want them on CD, then we'd be fools not to give it to them, 'cause we make money that way! YES, I know, many of you will want new classic mixes CDs again, but I am betting that the new generation, who has never owned them, will prefer to obtain them digitally.

If this proves not to be the case - OR if CDs have a resurgence - OR if a new format comes along that people seem to embrace, then we will issue the classic mixes on that format -or on CDs - again, no sweat!

But in any event, the "classic mixes" we have all known, loved and enjoyed for all of these years will NEVER go away - they will always be here, be available, and they ARE The Doors.

The only change is how they will be issued - i.e., in what format. And if, in a couple of years, we find we can improve the mastering of the classic mixes, or re-transfer them at a higher bit-rate, or somehow significantly improve them (without altering them) - then, we will do that, and if CDs are viable at that time, we'll issue them on CD all over again!

Does this make any more sense now?
Thanks - Jeff
Jeff Jampol
The Doors Music Co.
Los Angeles, CA

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