dimanche 14 décembre 2008

Systèmes neutres ou systèmes colorés?

Test à l'aveugle, objectivité, aller plus loin, trouver le Saint Graal sonore.
Je suppose qu'on cherche le système le plus neutre possible.
Pourtant, il y a entre la musique et nous toute une chaîne humaine et technique et cette chaîne est tout sauf objective.

On veut entendre le disque tel que l'artiste voulait nous le donner?

The artist/producer's intent was determined on the playback system they used to listen to the recording. If you want *that* sound you would have to use their system and room. No guarantee that greater neutrality gets you closer to the artist's intent with any given recording. (Scott Wheeler)

Absolute neutrality in playback sounds good in THEORY but will really get you nothing unless you plan to play back only stuff that you have personally recorded and mixed on the system or something. Find gear that sounds good to you on as many recordings down through the years that you can find. Or else, you will be one of those people who have 2,500 records and only 5 sound good on the system. You keep playing those 5 to show off the sound, etc. and the rest gather dust. The most common mistake that newbie Audiophiles make (myself included). They read charts, specs, etc. and want razor flat response in all gear and this and that and don't LISTEN. It's the colorations in gear (and in recorded music) that make it involving and lifelike sounding. Don't get trapped into that neutral scene, it will make you unhappy. (Steve Hoffman)

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