jeudi 3 septembre 2009

Dylan, à propos des disques Chess des années '50

Bill Flanagan:
A lot of this album (Together Through Life) feels like a Chess record from the fifties. Did you have that sound in your head going in or did it come up as you played?

Well some of the things do have that feel. It’s mostly in the way the instruments were played.

You like that sound?

Oh yeah, very much so. . . the old Chess records, the Sun records. . . I think that’s my favorite sound for a record.

What do you like about that sound?

I like the mood of those records – the intensity. The sound is uncluttered. There’s power and suspense. The whole vibration feels like it could be coming from inside your mind. It’s alive. It’s right there. Kind of sticks in your head like a toothache.

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