mardi 27 juillet 2010

Dylan mono... WOW!

Par contre, pour faire contre-poids au billet aigre-doux précédent, reconnaissons à Sony leur travail pratiquement impeccable concernant l'héritage de Bob Dylan. On parle de la magnifique série Bootleg Series, bien sûr. On parle des rééditions exemplaires sur SACD. Et maintenant, un an après les Beatles, on parle d'un coffret mono pour l'automne.

Each album in “The 8-CD set of Dylan’s earliest albums in mono” will have a paper sleeve and the set will be in a slipcase, with a booklet, including liner notes by Greil Marcus. The albums will be from “Bob Dylan” to “John Wesley Harding” and it is believed that all are being freshly mastered for this release, using first issue copies of the mono LPs for reference, in order to ensure that they get the sound to match that on the albums when they were first released. Back at that time, albums were principally mixed for mono release, with less care and attention being paid to the stereo mixes, and many collectors prefer the mono versions. None have been issued officially on CD in mono before, although mono bootleg CDs are not unknown.

Ah, si seulement, maintenant qu'il en assurent la garde, l'héritage de Hendrix pouvait hériter du même respect...

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