mercredi 28 juillet 2010

Meilleur que OK COMPUTER???

Dans le genre hyperbolique, on peut difficilement faire mieux aujourd'hui...
La BBC vient de faire une critique dithyrambique du nouvel opus de nos Arcade Fire...
Lisez la conclusion:
it’s important to remember that Arcade Fire’s journey from underground obscurity to chart-topping acclaim has been at a trajectory decidedly different to many a music industry heavyweight, more happy accident than orchestrated intent. Emerging from a previously unexplored beyond, their story has always been theirs alone to tell. And The Suburbs is their most thrillingly engrossing chapter yet; a complex, captivating work that, several cycles down the line, retains the magic and mystery of that first tentative encounter.
You could call it their OK Computer.
But it’s arguably better than that.
Si cette conclusion s'avère justifiée, il sera permis de parler de Arcade Fire comme du groupe rock anglo-saxon le plus important des années 2000.

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