mardi 19 janvier 2010

RIP Kate

Sadly our sweet Kate had to leave us last night. She departed in a haze of song and love surrounded by family and good friends. She is irreplaceable and we are broken-hearted. Til we meet again dear sister. 
Anna McGarrigle

When inevitably I read today in the papers that my mother lost her battle with cancer last night, I am filled with an immense desire to add that this battle, though lost, was tremendously fruitful during these last three and a half years of her life. She witnessed her daughter's marriage, the creation of my first opera, the birth of her first grandchild Arcangelo, and gave the greatest performance of her life to a packed crowd at the Royal Albert Hall in London. Not to mention traveling to some of the world's most incredible places with both my sister, her husband Brad, my boyfriend Jorn and myself. Yes, it was all too brief, but as I was saying to her sister Anna last night while sitting by her body after the struggle had ceased, there is never enough time and she, my amazing mother with whom everyone fell in love, went out there and bloody did it. I will miss you mother, my sweet and valiant explorer, lebwohl and adio. X
Rufus Wainwright

Dur début d'année pour la musique québécoise.
Après le départ combien prématuré de Llhasa, voici maintenant le duo des soeurs McGarrigle séparé.
Un bon moment pour "spinner" le magnifique The McGarrigle Hour, en attendant de re/découvrir les premiers albums du duo de Morin Heights.
RIP Kate
Nos sympathies au clan McGarrigle.

We are meat, we are spirit
We have blood and we have grace
We have will and we have muscle
A soul and a face
Why must we die?
 - Kate & Anna McGarrigle, Joel Zifkin

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